Archive Screening Opportunity - 'You Should've Seen Us'

Tue, 24 Apr 2012

Many Cine Yorkshire venues and partners will be familiar with the fantastic work of the Yorkshire Film Archive, whether it's through previous collaborations with Cine Yorkshire, such as our Contrast/brilliance* archive film festival in 2011, or as a result of taking up additional programme enriching opportunities that are on offer on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

Cine Yorkshire venues and promoters now have the opportunity to host a stunning collaboration between writer Paul Mills and the Yorkshire Film Archive. 'You should've Seen Us' covers a period from 1908 – 1958: imagined voices of people in North Yorkshire from before, during and after the Second World War.

‘You Should’ve Seen Us’ presents a selection of films from the Yorkshire Film Archive edited to combine the moving image with a recorded spoken text. Audiences hear Paul Mills’ poems, spoken by himself and actors. Some are commentaries, others imagined voices of people in North Yorkshire from before, during and after the Second World War, so that a picture emerges of a period of cultural change. Through the use of different voices and skilful editing, the aim of the collaboration is to question, often in a tone of comic irony, how we respond to images of local and national history, to encourage audiences to discuss their reactions, and to explore some of the various ways archive films can stimulate new writing.

Cine Yorkshire venues can book this show at the special rate of £115. Please contact or call 01765 603633 to book a screening. Screenings will take place in Summer 2012.

You Should've Seen Us: Case Study

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